Thursday, August 1, 2013

City Streets

It's been  a whirlwind week so you get some fashion blog shots mixed in with MOSP ones and of course some news.

I made myself a new shop for my retail store. It was impressive and certainly worth sharing with MOSP. I had always wanted to make a modeling studio of sorts -- not necessarily a place to take photos, but a place to film the glamor of city life, high fashion and all that jazz.

There were a few technical issues that ensued and in the end, there is a whole new street up at the full sim city build at MOSP. Here's the story.

FAME is a magazine. Well not a REAL one of course, only in my imagination. But all the props are there and soon there will be faux magazine covers to go in the empty alcoves *wink*. All things in their time. There is a fun modeling chair, a camera prop which I need to add a pose box for you to pick up if needed (done; click the tripod for a pose ball), and lots of stardom type decor items.

Along the way a whole street came into fruition. You see that "impressive shop" was built to be inside a 64 meter surround. The very complex windows work well there -- but in the open? Not so much. I was willing to upload new windows for long distance viewing but not at the land impact that was involved in said change. Oh my! There are things mesh does well and things it does not.

So making a visual barricade became my plan and with that a whole street emerged. Great for car scenes or strolling, it pulls it all together -- a good thing.

Across from FAME magazine there is the AEON advertising agency. Now neither of these operations exist; never did, never will. But I did have fun putting them together. The ad agency has some of my favorite photos as well as a couple of antique bits of memorabilia. The other shops I have faux decor courtesy of CG textures which give the appearance of occupation. Good enough for filming anyway.

So come take a look at the new street, get a little FAME on and enjoy.

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