Sunday, August 31, 2014

2nd Anniversary Explorer Hunt

For the MOSP aficionados this should be easy. And for new folks? Just keep on the lookout for the black MOSP boxes as you explore. There is no order for this hunt.

***** For those of you that are coming to this page from a hunt site and have never visited LEA7, please note that there are MANY PLACES UP IN THE SKY. While there are boxes at ground level, many are not. Pick up a hud or some landmarks at the landing area (in the posters marked accordingly that surround the landing pad). I see a lot of folks flying around at ground level. They will find a few but wonder where all the OTHERS are :D.

1. Welcome to MOSP
2. Protector of ships and sailors
3. Garage band
4. Man cave for boat lover
5. Floating bubbles
6. Garden retreat
7. Longest road
8. Designer wannabe
9. Sunflowers
10. Turn on the jets
11. Filled with hot air
12. The final frontier
13.  Igloo
14. Where the hookah lives
15. Outdoor dining
16. Blue chairs and large screens
17. Wanderer's overnight camp
18. Tenting tonight
19. Rainy view
20. Artist's garret
21. Through the turnstile
22. Piano tunes in candlelight
23. Big stones, turning turning
24. Belly up to the bar
25. Black satin and cigarettes

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