Thursday, August 28, 2014

Let There Be Art

Van Goph 3 by Aquila Kytori

The Gallery area of MOSP has been forlorn lately.

Ever since the TOS of August 2013 declared it would be illegal to upload photos from the MOSP Flickr site -- well, you get the idea.

The classroom is still used from time to time (just follow the rules - notecard at the landing site) and of course the specialty teleport room is always popular. But there hasn't been a lot of new art.

I was over on the SL beta grid awhile ago and spied this outstanding 3D painting. Of course I had to see it up close and personal, and when I inspected it I found it was made by someone I knew.  I sent her a note telling her how much I enjoyed it.

Some weeks later I heard back from her and found this in my inbox. Now I was going to put it in the colorful beach house, but there were building issues -- and then I realized that putting art in the art section was a good plan.

So stop by sometime and take a close look at it. Impressive.

This is the lady you have to thank for the MUCH LESS PRIMMY hills that decorate MOSP. Mine were prettier *wink* but oh so land impact hungry. Changing them out saved 300 li points or so -- and that counts when you are packed to the sim boundaries with goodness.

The Endless Journey (scroll back in the archives if you missed that) will be coming down at the beginning of the month to get a bit more room for new things on the horizon. So if you haven't been and want to see, get over here soon!

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