Monday, August 18, 2014

Let's Make A Film

OK. Mid August -- the absolute slowest time in the virtual world. :D

There are some things happening though and indeed there will be a pretty picture up soon with a great new addition to the country road. But since I posted on that today on my OTHER blog (one of a few) and I don't want to repeat on the feeds -- well patience is a virtue.

Meanwhile, if you aren't all that plugged in to the machinima opportunities network, there is a new UWA challenge out. The deadline is the end of October. The prizes, numerous and worthwhile, are up for grabs and that means YOU TOO.

No one has entered as yet, a month into the contest. That might be because it is usually me that is first (well it seems that way anyway). This year though, with movies in the can (I started gathering footage when the last contest ended) and even uploaded -- mine won't be unveiled until deadline time.

So someone else has to be first, and it could be you. You know, horns blaring, flags waving and all that jazz?  

Come on over and make a film.

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