Friday, August 29, 2014

Black Dragon Machinima Sidebar

[A Day Later :D]

I am leaving this post here for those of you that are warriors *wink*. But it comes with a warning. There doesn't appear to be any uninstall feature with this program. I doesn't come up in the program list and right clicking doesn't get you an "uninstall" option. So BE SURE to set a restore point should you want it to go away. 

While the machinima toolbar is impressive, for me it was very buggy with lots of features not working. It did however do a fine job for my testing.


I look a bit like a deer caught in the headlights in this shot; feeling that way too. I just installed the Black Dragon viewer and while I can't find my inventory window (I hear it opening in the background *wink*) and I have no poses or custom windlights, I DO have a pretty nifty looking machinima side toolbar.

And that's pretty much want I wanted to share. I wasn't looking for a new viewer but I have been having issues (ISSUES) and part of the crossing off possibilities was to see if  new viewer would let me log in first thing in the morning and NOT instantly (well one minute after) crash. This has been happening for days.

It's a long story and you undoubtedly don't care, but in the process of trying to track down my ISSSUUUUES I installed Black Dragon. I had heard bloggers talking about additional photography features so it seemed like a good viewer to try. Never having been installed on this computer? An added plus.

So this is just a note that you might be interested in some of the new to me things that can be done. I hear you can slow animations (and possibly speed them up too).

I can't give you a recommendation since this is about 20 minutes in, but I thought some of you might be very interested in those easy to get at choices over on the side.

Here is an article from May that tells you a bit more about some of the possibilities. 

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  1. The machinima sidebar works absolutely fine. I would be really interested to know which options did not work, they all work for me.

    Also, looking at your picture i noticed that many labels are cut off.
    Do NOT change the font DPI, the setting is only there to reset it to 96 in case someone accidentally set it higher.
    Do NOT change UI size and continue using the Viewer, do a relog after you change UI size.

    Also note, some options do only work after relog, such as the Fullbright toggle (its tool tip even says so), some other options may not cause a direct difference, such as the glow settings or the Flycam toggle (which enables movement via joystick/controller).