Sunday, June 2, 2013

Beam Me Up

Not all of this week's additions take us into the future, but the theme does run through the list.

First up a gorgeous space corridor with matrix-like control room and side panels. The creator was nice enough to donate part of his full sized ship (a prim thing) for your filming pleasure. This is so very impressive; my photo doesn't come close to the reality. Find it here.

There is an addition to the formerly empty surreal landscape in SAND.  Opportunities abound if you have shadow capabilities. The house is happily very low land impact and in one piece. If you want that emptiness back for your shot, just derender the house and you will have it. I am not planning on adding furnishings so aside from some broken shards there will be little else to remove from your field of view.

Back in our everyday time and place, there is a fun new raft and inner tube (not shown) out by the blue bungalow at Beach Walk. These are primarily props for couples, but happily many of the poses work well for singles also.

Use the "SWAP" function to switch between the animations. There is even a fun one where a shark appears.

If you visited the new Cherry Blossom Romance section last week, you know how pretty it is. Well there are many more plants now and a fantastic new mesh house. It is a "primmy" little devil with lots of details, but I couldn't resist putting it up as it is a beautiful example of mesh work. You can happily rez inside the house (yeah). There is a living room set and a patio set of furniture. I don't suspect much more will be added because of the land impact.

And in the news, MOSP is now in the Destination Guide, happily sitting at the number two slot in the Media and TV section.

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  1. Thank you so much for having all this available for us to use! I had a great time in the space corridor :)