Tuesday, August 11, 2015


I have been making a lot of tips and tutorials this year, mostly on Blender. I am guessing they are up to around 100 by now.  Along the way, my small fan base mentioned that they really appreciated workflow tips. Now everyone needs to find their own workflow and hopefully it keeps improving over time, but ...

As I was exiting filming mode for the day I took another screenshot of my settings for the just completed scenes. I have already edited the footage and placed much of it in the film in a VERY approximate spot, and I am hoping that I have all I need. But you really don't know  -- or "I" don't know anyway -- what idea might come along and you will need to produce the look.

I did this same thing when I was over filming at UWA last week and now I find it will come in handy as I indeed need some new shots of old favorites and it would be extra special goodness if the Windlights matched.

So that's my little mini tip. It is always good to keep your outfit in a folder too. Since I used what I was blogging, I already have a record (yep, lazy lazy gal!).

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