Saturday, August 29, 2015

Animation Hud and a Hint of a Future Project

Last week seems to be a blur -- at least in my memory. Lots done. Plenty more to do; I have been busy.

AND with all that was happening, I forgot to tell you about a new product especially handy for filming folks, an animation hud from Dutchie's.  I was reminded of my forgetful nature today when I realized it might come in very handy in an upcoming shoot.

Not it isn't "my" shoot, I am simply a participant. And hence, it is not my place to sneak out any info. But I will say it sounds like something you will ALL want to watch. And I bet that got your attention.

While I am a pretty free-flowing machinima maker -- that film and see what you have and let a mixture of muse and mystery define the film in the editing sort of gal -- THIS film is very much like a real life production.

We will all be gathering from separate corners of the world. Quite a few continents are covered for sure and I will be meeting some folks that I have "known" for awhile but never actually met. So that will be fun.

Meanwhile, just in case you have been lazy, this might get you inspired to get out and shoot some virtual celluloid. Here is the link to my fashion and design blog post .

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