Monday, August 31, 2015

Fame Fortune Consequences

It has been a year.

You can read that two ways of course, and in my case both are true. Lots of filming, a bit of producing, a little "acting" (well really we DO need to put that in quotes). I am smarter on many fronts and have learned  many things from working closely with other arty types.

I have two things wandering around in my head at the moment.

One concerns the "me" in Chic. Even when asked to create a director's chair with my name on it -- that became a consideration. Plain, flashy, colored, neutral? Big letters, small letters, fancy or plain?  Our choices tell much about who we are --- or at least who we perceive ourselves to be.

After some contemplation I took a middle ground approach. Handmade organic fabric, grunge letters of a darker tone and medium walnut wood polished in a well worn shine.  Letters not too big; my sense of self is sturdy - my ego not as enlarged as you might suspect.

That same quandary arose when deciding what to wear.  My wardrobe as well as props list is magical you know. Sooooo many things can come out of that small trunk or medium sized trailer.  I went with a typical look of today, a mix of classy, sexy and casual -- actually one of my favorite real life looks long ago -- silk and jeans. Scratch those super high hells in real life though. OUCH!

I finished a film for UWA. You may have seen it, may not have. I am very happy with it; very little I would change even at this later date. There is a but of course. I have another idea roaming around in my head. It is harder, it is complex and it is very likely going to be used by someone else. Do I work on that and see what happens or consider my part done in the UWA contest?  

New props that would fit into the story are appearing on my doorstep -- or close enough that a couple of click and a few lindens will have them joining the clutter in that props trailer. That leads me to believe that continuing is a good path to take.

Still thinking. We'll see.

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