Saturday, June 8, 2013


Things, they are a changing. 

"B" is for billiards. Find this beautifully made set in Sound Stage Two. Bring your own animations, it is just for looks!

"C" is for the crying lady statue (it is large) and the new cherry trees in the previously empty corner of the Cherry Blossom Romance section. Now I am going to warn you, if you haven't visited. It may be laggy. All that flora adds up to s-l-o-w-n-e-s-s, but it is so very pretty. Stills are fine for me with shadows but no smooth camming for sure. YOUR system may be better than mine though. It IS lovely there.

"C" is also for cabin, a new addition in SOIL, replacing the dated and extremely primmy (690 when all the accouterments were counted) of the Steampunk - Victorian build. This cosy place weighs in at 39 and I have used only low land impact mesh and similar items -- so that's many hundreds of "prims" returned to the bank. 

One big addition at ground level will be coming next week.

One exotic backdrop is already out and waiting for you to discover it, should your explorations take you to that landing spot.

Meanwhile enjoy some of the current changes, grab some photos --

and FILM!

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