Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Drawing Outside the Lines

Happily I am filming. My current work is entitled "Drawing Outside the Lines". It didn't take too much pondering to convince me that posting each Sunday at noon was  --- less say "stringent" *wink*.  So posts will happen when there is news; and since there is always news -- check now and then.

First up in the list of newness, the Rainy Day Loft is now open. A small and very nicely furnished abode, its biggest perk is the rainy vista and balcony.

Sound Stage 1 is now the happy home of a classroom. There are a variety of textures on the chalkboard along with both reading to the class and writing on the board animations. Click the books at the desk for a chair to rez. The animations are exceptionally nice!  All graphics are public domain or home made -- so no copyright issues.

Upgrades are always happening at MOSP and this week is no different. One of my favorite sets is the designer workshop at Sound Stage Two. While still very serviceable, it was going on 9 months old which in SL is ancient *smile*.  So a bit of shopping was in order. The new vintage dress form is sensational with lovely detailing. It also logs in at 6 instead of 26 prims.

We want MORE! And having more means replacing older primmy items with new smart mesh ones.

While I was hanging out at Sound Stage 2 I upgraded many textures and it is looking pretty spiffy.

I also -- while filming -- discovered that I really wanted a back wall in that classroom (not the sound stage clutter). So Sound Stage One now has invisible and phantom walls for the fourth wall of each set. When you are inside you see a matching wall texture.  I know the sound stages are very popular and this will no doubt help those filming. I will work on Sound Stage Two very soon. (done)

Other additions include a very cool sign up at the sim long country road, a comfy pillow corner with foodstuff upstairs at the Cherry Blossom Romance house and some classy beach chairs out in front of the artist's studio at Beach Walk.

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