Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saying Goodbye to June

June was a busy moth at MOSP with lots of green dots scattering the landscape. Films were completed, others started and maybe a few planned and shot lists made. Newness this week includes a terrifically posh dining set in the San Marino House at Cherry Blossom Romance. Click the table for a big menu that serves 2 or 4. Actually the casual set on the patio has this same feature, I just hadn't noted it!  I took some nice dining shots this afternoon. The room is completely furnished and there are plenty of great angles to be used.

Other items include new trees at ground level and some additional general upgrades of existing items.

As we head into a new month I wanted to let you know that the skies are pretty crowded at the moment. Some huge (HUGE) surrounds have moved into the neighborhood.

Don't panic!

OK. It's really alright to panic a little. I did when I TPed over to the long country road where I am planning on filming next week. A few clicks and the skies were clear again.

I am guessing that many of you use a third party viewer since most of them have an abundance of features specifically for photography and filming. So right click and hit that Derender or Derender and Blacklist choice to make those lovely from the inside but not so impressive from the outside surrounds disappear. You can always remove them from your block list later. If you are using the official viewer, it might be time to try an alternative. Just a suggestion *wink*. Many changes are coming our way in the next week or so and viewer upgrades will be part of the process.

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