Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hill Walkin'

Walk through any hills lately? Well if you have been trekking in the upper regions of MOSP you likely have. That's about to change and I know some of you will be thrilled. Here's the scoop.

I made my mesh hilly surrounds last winter. They are extremely pretty and organic and natural, but the physics? Well they HAVE no physics. That was planned long ago but it seemed wise to see about changing to some better hills --  and ones with lower land impact.

I am a fairly good mesh designer, not very techie, still in the pretty realm of things. I tried and tried but could not get physics AND lower land impact AND good looking hills. The story is long but here's the punchline.

There will soon be walkable hills in SAND, SAGE, SOIL and SNOW -- and other areas. Not only that, the change will regain over 1000 "prims". Now to be honest I don't love them "quite" as much as my original hills, but they are very realistic and film well and honestly I doubt you guys will even notice the difference. Walkable and 1000 prims saved (oh my) wins the contest hands down. This was not my doing -- it is all because Aquila Kytori seems to really like solving puzzles.  I don't know how many hours were spent on the sandbox for these low land impact, walkable hills to come into being -- but it was more than a few.

So let's have a little virtual hand of applause for someone who has definitely made MOSP a better place.

I bought new materials making software this week and will be adding some normal and specular maps to the landscape in the near future. I still can't see the new materials on my viewer of choice, but it won't be long. And the difference is quite lovely. So keep watch.

Update: Hills are changed out in SAND, SOIL, SAGE and Cherry Blossom Romance. I left the snow hills as is for now -- still holding on to history a bit *wink*. 

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