Sunday, June 16, 2013

Getting Famous

Lots of old time primmy props were replaced with some gorgeous low land impact mesh alternatives this week. Plus there is more furniture in the new cabin in SOIL. I'll let you explore and find those. I also found a 120 prim guitar in one of the sound stage sets. What was I thinking? It was long ago when I believed that the prims on a sim could be measured in the infinite; it seemed that way -- so naive was I *wink*.

I've seen lots of little groups of green dots in clusters on the map this week so I hope you are having fun with film and photos. Now wasn't that a great segue to my lead shot?

Just up yesterday in the gallery area, a photo board where you can ADD YOUR OWN MOSP PHOTOS. Instructions are on a poster nearby. For those of you in search of perfection, the ratio on most of the spots is 2 to 1 or 1 to 2 "ish". I have adjusted a few of them to be crops, so it is a puzzle in a way. This gives you a reason to try out some wide screen or vertically cropped photos.

Here is where you want to go. 

Also MOSP is at SL10B. Pick up a very nice framed and menu driven photo collection.
You can also stop by on The Long Walk and find a homewares gift.  Info on the event is supposed to show up on the official blog soon.

Machinima HUDs are available at the plot; just touch the black sign.

Nothing too fancy here. I went for a breath of calm in what is a cacophony of shape and color that is the two week long celebration. You may find you need a bit of calmness amidst trees and clouds and ocean. If so, this is your spot.

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