Saturday, June 22, 2013

Brought to You By the Letter "F"


Today's news is brought to you by the letter "F" for Fantasy, Flora and Fast.  First up a new fantasy area -- not quite complete as I search for a few additions, but certainly usable and oh so very pretty. It is enclosed in a 64 meter globe with subtly moving clouds which could be interpreted as water should that be your need. Find the Deep Blue Fantasy build here.

Also new is an underwater grotto area near the lighthouse.

Flora flourishes as well as fish.

Grab your fins -- rubber or mer -- and do some swimming!

You can also just walk toward the lighthouse from the beach and you will find yourself -- planned or not -- beneath the sea.

Last up is a new convertible car just out at the full sim city.  Now just like the other cars, you can't DRIVE it (that could be dangerous on many levels).

But this car has a place for a passenger to sit and a lovely city backdrop for photographs and scenes.

This is a good place to rez you own pose balls with the animations you need, sit on them and scoot into the car. As long as you don't try and SIT in the drivers seat, you should be fine. This would work with some of the other cars too of course, this is just more picturesque and very PINK :D.

My tip of the day which I am sure many of you know about already is DERENDER which is available on Firestorm and other third party viewers. We will all be updating our viewers soon for the new materials and baking code implementations. If you are still in the official viewer camp, I strongly urge you to give Firestorm a try. There are many many features just for filmers and photographers, things I couldn't possibly live without -- well, certainly don't WANT too as life would be much more difficult.

One of these is DERENDER which in the new Firestorm comes in two choices -- derender (the object becomes invisible to you for awhile but is viewable again the next time you log in or return to the sim) and derender + blacklist (the object disappears for YOU only forever or until you open up your block list and take it out).

Don't want to see that chair in your shot? Just derender it. You can even derender something large like a couch and place YOUR couch in its place. If you are working with actors they will also need to derender the item as this is a client side feature.

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