Thursday, February 28, 2013

Saying Goodbye

This is my last post from LEA20. Tomorrow is clean up day. The sims will begin to empty awaiting others who will create, learn and grow. It has been a wonderful six months and I will be sad to say goodbye. I spent most of the day taking down the builds in the sky. With fifty or so sets, it was not a click and go affair. Tomorrow the builds on the ground will be packed up. I have a few scenes to film before I leave. There are plans in the works and though they are nebulous at this moment, I intend to remember my last day in film.

There is plenty of GOOD news though. The Machinima Open Studio Project will be moving in totality and permanently to LEA7. So those of you who have visited in the past can keep MOSP in your "photo op" folder. You will need a new landmark of course and a new hud.

While some things will remain the same, others will change. Some builds are past their prime and will be dismantled, others are getting a facelift and of course there will be new things to come. The new locale will have a machinima gallery with curated exhibits. There will be a classroom area too. I will be a busy gal for a few weeks. Much to do.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Looking Back - Looking Forward

Sometimes creativity gets in the way of chronicling. I have been busy learning about mesh, hoping to add that skill set to my artist resume. After a long and sometimes exasperating trial, I feel like I am getting there. At least now when something goes wrong I know how to fix it or know where to ask for help. All good.

So here's a look back at some highlights of winter. Visitors were numerous and amazingly consistent. Most often when I check, the traffic count is above a thousand and that doesn't count me these days as I am over on Aditi or deep in the depths of Blenderville. I drop by the sets now and then and run into folks and chat. It's good to know how much they enjoy what I put together. I see clusters of little green dots in different locations and wonder if they are filming or taking photos or simply just enjoying themselves. It all works. 

December was a month of snow at the entry of MOSP. Hot chocolate is still available at the entrance and the faint fall of flakes can be seen from time to time. The cookies and tree and even Rudolf are now gone. Spring is on its way.

Peaceful Valley is always green of course, no matter what the seasons are around us. And Beachwalk had a new addition, a place where I spent many hours. The shadows are fantastic the photo ops numerous.

Some folks visit often I guess. As I was putting up this build and starting to decorate the inside, an explorer dropped by. She knew in an instant that this was new and looked forward to taking some photos when I finished decorating.

Nothing ever stays quite the same at MOSP. Many builds were added through the winter including Southwestern and Moroccan. Two more sound stages came into being; you still have to drop by Stage One though if you want to eat.

A wintry snow home, a renovated warehouse, a hunting lodge -- all came for a time. A desert appeared at 3700 meters; a camel or two wanders by an abandoned tent and a courtyard wall protects sacks of bartering goods from the hot midday sun. 

Now I'm not sure folks have movies in mind with those locales, but you never know. Sometimes a spectacular sunset with a beautiful building can lead to inspiration.

It has been a rewarding adventure, my experiment in an open location for machinima. Some folks were worried that there would be issues with the availability to rez; to my knowledge there were none.

And I like to think that some of the filming that has yet to be edited will indeed find its time and its viewers.