Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Heads Up - the Next Generation of Mesh Heads

Now this post is for the guys --- or of course those of us that become guys when needed for our films :D. Either way there is an impressive new mesh head out from Akeruka (wish I still blogged for them *wink*).

Three dark skin tones. Lots of facial hair options and very impressive animated facial expressions. Imagine what you could do?

Strawberry Singh who is VERY into all heads mesh made a nice video to show how things work.  I have no plans that need a forget me not male lead, but you might.

Here is the link to the video.


Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Winter Goodness


We are moving into winter territory, snowy seasons, whites and contrasts; a magical time.

What's on the horizon?

LEA Land Grant applications are still open for the January to June time.

That means you have a month and a half to take in all the goodness (and film) of the existing LEA sims. There are some impressive installations this round.

There are still a couple of weeks plus to watch the UWA films and turn in your guess list of the winners. You might even get some holiday spending money out of the exercise. You will surely learn some things from watching.

There is another event in the works but it is still in the foggy stage, so I will report when I know more and if I think it would be something of interest to you guys.

Enjoy November!  

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


It's getting cold in my real world. It is snowing on my sim in Canada (Opensim), but still sunny and green on the mainland in SL.

Forty-two entries in the Pursue Impossible contest! A good showing. I encourage you to watch carefully and learn from the works of others.

I have decided not to try and pick the winners this year. There are way too many variables to shuffle and it is doubtful that I could come close to what the group of judges decide. So that is one less "competitor" for you guys. Awards are to be given out sometime at the beginning of December VERY early in my morning so I may or may not be in the audience, but I definitely look forward to seeing the competition results.

Cafe Society on LEA28 is supposed to come down Sunday or soon after so if you want to take some shots to put in your "I might need this sometime" file, now is the time.  I actually haven't heard anything official about the new winter session at LEA28 or the ending of the current one, so I will leave things up until I do. The quietness is a little disturbing and I hate empty land *wink*.

That's my update for now. 

Go forth. Make great stuff.

Practice your skills.