Sunday, August 31, 2014

2nd Anniversary Explorer Hunt

For the MOSP aficionados this should be easy. And for new folks? Just keep on the lookout for the black MOSP boxes as you explore. There is no order for this hunt.

***** For those of you that are coming to this page from a hunt site and have never visited LEA7, please note that there are MANY PLACES UP IN THE SKY. While there are boxes at ground level, many are not. Pick up a hud or some landmarks at the landing area (in the posters marked accordingly that surround the landing pad). I see a lot of folks flying around at ground level. They will find a few but wonder where all the OTHERS are :D.

1. Welcome to MOSP
2. Protector of ships and sailors
3. Garage band
4. Man cave for boat lover
5. Floating bubbles
6. Garden retreat
7. Longest road
8. Designer wannabe
9. Sunflowers
10. Turn on the jets
11. Filled with hot air
12. The final frontier
13.  Igloo
14. Where the hookah lives
15. Outdoor dining
16. Blue chairs and large screens
17. Wanderer's overnight camp
18. Tenting tonight
19. Rainy view
20. Artist's garret
21. Through the turnstile
22. Piano tunes in candlelight
23. Big stones, turning turning
24. Belly up to the bar
25. Black satin and cigarettes

Friday, August 29, 2014

Black Dragon Machinima Sidebar

[A Day Later :D]

I am leaving this post here for those of you that are warriors *wink*. But it comes with a warning. There doesn't appear to be any uninstall feature with this program. I doesn't come up in the program list and right clicking doesn't get you an "uninstall" option. So BE SURE to set a restore point should you want it to go away. 

While the machinima toolbar is impressive, for me it was very buggy with lots of features not working. It did however do a fine job for my testing.


I look a bit like a deer caught in the headlights in this shot; feeling that way too. I just installed the Black Dragon viewer and while I can't find my inventory window (I hear it opening in the background *wink*) and I have no poses or custom windlights, I DO have a pretty nifty looking machinima side toolbar.

And that's pretty much want I wanted to share. I wasn't looking for a new viewer but I have been having issues (ISSUES) and part of the crossing off possibilities was to see if  new viewer would let me log in first thing in the morning and NOT instantly (well one minute after) crash. This has been happening for days.

It's a long story and you undoubtedly don't care, but in the process of trying to track down my ISSSUUUUES I installed Black Dragon. I had heard bloggers talking about additional photography features so it seemed like a good viewer to try. Never having been installed on this computer? An added plus.

So this is just a note that you might be interested in some of the new to me things that can be done. I hear you can slow animations (and possibly speed them up too).

I can't give you a recommendation since this is about 20 minutes in, but I thought some of you might be very interested in those easy to get at choices over on the side.

Here is an article from May that tells you a bit more about some of the possibilities. 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Let There Be Art

Van Goph 3 by Aquila Kytori

The Gallery area of MOSP has been forlorn lately.

Ever since the TOS of August 2013 declared it would be illegal to upload photos from the MOSP Flickr site -- well, you get the idea.

The classroom is still used from time to time (just follow the rules - notecard at the landing site) and of course the specialty teleport room is always popular. But there hasn't been a lot of new art.

I was over on the SL beta grid awhile ago and spied this outstanding 3D painting. Of course I had to see it up close and personal, and when I inspected it I found it was made by someone I knew.  I sent her a note telling her how much I enjoyed it.

Some weeks later I heard back from her and found this in my inbox. Now I was going to put it in the colorful beach house, but there were building issues -- and then I realized that putting art in the art section was a good plan.

So stop by sometime and take a close look at it. Impressive.

This is the lady you have to thank for the MUCH LESS PRIMMY hills that decorate MOSP. Mine were prettier *wink* but oh so land impact hungry. Changing them out saved 300 li points or so -- and that counts when you are packed to the sim boundaries with goodness.

The Endless Journey (scroll back in the archives if you missed that) will be coming down at the beginning of the month to get a bit more room for new things on the horizon. So if you haven't been and want to see, get over here soon!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

An Artist's Garret

Now I have to admit that this doesn't qualify as an actual "garret" in the strict definition of the term. It is way too classy. Not nearly enough dirt; way too much light and air.

But the idea is there.

Find this in the top tower of the villas in the Cherry Blossom Romance area. I left the floating papers; I just couldn't part with them :D

Friday, August 22, 2014

What I've Been Working On

I promised you a photo and here it is. So many possibilities. I am very fond of the farmlands and road, have used both often in my films -- even a not yet public one *wink*.

Meanwhile there are things going on behind the scenes. Zip on over to the -- well I am not sure what to call it; the second story area of the Villas where there is some arty stuff going on. That had been a plan for a long while, but it came to fruition today with some new releases and a little shopping.

And don't forget the hunt is coming up in a bit over a week -- for those of you that like to outguess me :D. There will be a "gratis" prize at the landing point. The rest you have to work for a bit.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

An All Time Record

I logged in this eve for a rare visit (computer issues which I hope I have fixed but we will see) and thought to look a the land tab.

5200 is the magic land traffic number beating the old record by a thousand.

Thanks for coming to film!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Let's Make A Film

OK. Mid August -- the absolute slowest time in the virtual world. :D

There are some things happening though and indeed there will be a pretty picture up soon with a great new addition to the country road. But since I posted on that today on my OTHER blog (one of a few) and I don't want to repeat on the feeds -- well patience is a virtue.

Meanwhile, if you aren't all that plugged in to the machinima opportunities network, there is a new UWA challenge out. The deadline is the end of October. The prizes, numerous and worthwhile, are up for grabs and that means YOU TOO.

No one has entered as yet, a month into the contest. That might be because it is usually me that is first (well it seems that way anyway). This year though, with movies in the can (I started gathering footage when the last contest ended) and even uploaded -- mine won't be unveiled until deadline time.

So someone else has to be first, and it could be you. You know, horns blaring, flags waving and all that jazz?  

Come on over and make a film.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Uptown Style

You can find this very classy brownstone up in the Full Sim City.  It almost didn't make it as it is a primmy little thing *wink* and those land impact points are getting scarce despite my diligence.  I put it in place then took it down then put it up again the next day. Just too pretty to leave in a box for sure.

It is sans furnishing and probably will remain that way but the interior has beautiful vistas and textures for photography -- and if you are a wise set designer, you can place your furnishings, then take them up and use "restore to last position" (third party viewers) to keep them in place for a lengthy film session. That works.

Stop by and see it in its glory.

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Clapping of One Hand

New on the beachfront - a serene zen garden with flowing pond and seating. Find it between the oriental bath house and the rustic beach cottage; a perfect spot.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Machinima Tutorials for SL

A series of machinima tutorials was posted on the SL forums in mid July by Erythro Asimov. I completely missed them. But today serendipity was on my side.

These are both informative and fun to watch. This is not how I work at all, so do understand that it is just one method. I am guessing though that you will find some tips and tricks that will help you with your machinima career.

This is a techie approach. I am lazy, use no aids other than a second avatar as cameraman and no tools at all except for capturing and editing software.

Somewhere in the mix, you will find your preferred way to work.

Basic Things To Start

Playing With The Camera

Playing With The Scene

Playing With The Avatar

Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Sometimes it take me awhile.

I've been meaning for oh so long to make new planting beds down by the greenhouse in Peaceful Valley. Well this weekend I got that accomplished. SO much better and no nasty huge sculpt balloons as things are loading.

I would like to replace the grasses but so far I haven't come upon any nice mesh replacements and while I can do some greenery, it is NOT my specialty for sure.

So stop by and take some photos or shoot some film in the VERY pretty outdoor area down by the lake -- ground level.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Changes Changes

Things are inevitably changing at MOSP; that isn't new news. 

* A new super romantic tree bed is up at Cherry Blossom Romance.

* New furnishings have been added to the Bayou Shack in an ongoing spiffing.

* A great new POSE PROP fork lift is now over in the construction area of the full sim city! Much fun.

* AND there is a new hud at all the landing platforms. Along with some slight updates, it now condenses into one small icon for easy of use and more screen space. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

Moving Into Summer

Many, many additions to MOSP (LEA7) this week; too many to highlight here. One of my favorites "just" out is this harvester up in the half sim country road. That half sim got a tad larger as I need a bare swath for semi-realism's sake. There is definitely a feeling of expanse.

Other additions include lots of retro items in the 1950's house up in the Full Sim City.

I have it set to The Lucy Show. Just click to watch and if you have need for another show like "Night of the Zombie's" or whatever, give me a shout and I can set it to another show.

There are lots of new additions in the City of Lost Souls as well as a cute  very vintage car over by the Bayou Shack at ground level.

The High Corp Offices will be going away in the not too distant future so if you want to visit them again or take some raw footage, now is the time. Only so many prims -- even with mesh.  

Taking a second look and counting the prims, it looks pretty good still and can stay.