Sunday, January 31, 2016

MOSP Version 2.0

I just finished putting up the last area at the new MOSP.   She is sleek and stylish and since I am a minimalist, she will be fine. Happily most all of the long time favorites are represented. There are many details missing of course, but the FEEL is there and with some fancy Windlights and good staging we will all have more places for photography and film.

There is a temporary sign with landmarks at ground level here:

A few more extras can be added after I venture over to Blender and reclaim some prims, but things are in good shape.

A list of locations with photos will appear soon on an always available page, but in the meantime. Here are the spots you can look forward to visiting.

Beach - surf shack and artist's retreat
City - walk in tunnel, construction site, roads, building backdrops
Farm - the new Bayou Shack, barn, outhouse and lots of great animated props
Road to Nowhere - the not quite so long country road (still pretty convincing)
Standing Stones - still very magical
Post Apocalypse - with house and furnishing (oh my)
Grunge City (City of Lost Souls) - Just a street with grunge buildings and a bus stop but happy it is represented

In the Sound Stage we have - military barracks (new), manly and girlie areas of the gym, kitchen and dining (new), bedroom (new) and bath with shower

Except for ground level, sets are housed in surrounds or the (I am SO glad I still had this) rainbow sky bubble from Trompe Loeil  (long ago release).  If you prefer natural sky you can simply derez the bubbles.  You can of course rez your own light globes and I have a tutorial on how to do that  coming up in a post soon.

Come film!

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Road To Nowhere Plus New

 Road To Nowhere

One of my personal favorite MOSP locales, the Country Road (otherwise known as the Road To Nowhere) is happily up. I have a short list of Blender projects to reclaim some primmage and that will happen soon.  In the meantime, here is where I am at.

Two new sets are in Sound Stage One which has a much more sleek look than its predecessor.

Kitchen and Dining  - always in high demand

 Military Life Barracks --  a fun and low land impact set

The Sound stage is in a surround, but you can easily derender that if you want to get some shadows into the scenes.

More soon. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Beach and City

Some quitting for the day photos to peak your interest. I am using my prims sparingly and have a couple more major areas to build and then some sound stages (she says hopefully). So far so good.

Large photos where you can actually see things can be found on Flickr on the MOSP group here.

New things mix with old favorites. I am choosing in part by "primmage" (that really NEEDS to be a word) and animations. The tunnel was the Blender project of the day and has a photo of the original LEA20 tunnel from long ago as its faux view.  Fun.

Not done of course but a start and since I never put a lock on the LEA MOSPs I see no reason to do that now.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

MOSP Reopens

Now did I KNOW that when I posted this early morn?

Nope, I did not.

But I knew "something" was up. I was itchy. Even though something was calling me, I wasn't clear just what it was.  Here's the story in stream of consciousness form. Follow along. Stay alert now!

* * * * * * * * * * *

I spent the morning looking at land. When I started I wasn't looking for MOSP, I was looking for my shop. But after tubbing (I SO get a lot accomplished while daydreaming (and real dreaming) in those warm waters) I knew I was actually looking for MOSP. 

I had decided to look for a 4096 which supports 937 prims.  Now that is WAY less than a sim  -- well, duh!   At the same time I am a pretty clever gal when it comes to prim budgets. AND I know what places were the most popular at LEA MOSP simply because I kept running into people there.

After many hours  --- (a RL friend tells me I have the BEST "land karma" both in RL and in SL, but honestly I think it is just because I am tenacious; I really looked for four hours or more)  I finally found a slightly bigger parcel than I was searching for (when nets are empty best to make nets larger).

Bordering a road and on the other side of that -- a Linden beach, hill and waterway,   the parcel could be used for commercial (yes, believe it or not most folks think a free machinima studio is commercial *wink* ) and (this was a bonus) I have the ability to turn on rez.  

So, we are in business.   I terraformed and landscaped and got a couple of builds down on the sandy palmy beach and then worked on a city build. My plan is to make a lot (a LOT) of 64 meter skyboxes with various themes as well as some sound stages of old. A few old things will remain, personal favorites and hits with the masses; areas that I am not willing to give up. Other installations will be new.

I work pretty fast but I have a few things I need to build in Blender also, so I will keep you apprised. Some areas should be open by February 1st if I don't crash and burn before then.

Now I need to go spend those 1100 prims (well I will save "some" for you guys).

Who am I kidding. Long day. R and R time.



Where Did That Month Go?

Chic waves madly letting you know she and her typist are both still fine. 

The days are somewhere between busy and frantic and then lassitude creeps in. Holding patterns come into play and decisions on directions become lost in the mist.

Well THAT was poetic *wink*.   

I HAVE been thinking. I just haven't found a road to start walking down yet.  That seems to be in the wind these days as I note many plans announced by others have stalled also. Odd how patterns percolate -- one person basing their ideas and plans on that of another. One stalls and momentum halts -- at least for awhile.

So what HAVE I been doing since no new video footage has been revealed (or even left in limbo on Drive F)?  

Mostly I have been working in Blender Cycles. After a year with that complex part of the program I am finally in sailing along territory and can pretty much make whatever I want in the houses and furniture category. Textures are now fun to build and sometimes breathtaking inworld. I am a happy creator. My collection of houses, decor and dare I say "props" is getting impressive and hopefully will be put to use in the not too distant future.

2015 left behind both memories and absences, UWA's active presence (no post on their blog since the awards) and of course MOSP's disappearance from the scene. But newness is around each corner in Second Life. One only needs to explore with an open heart.

Hopefully my muse will return soon.

PS.  I can't believe how many people stop by this blog even when I am not posting any great news or revelations. Thanks for caring.