Sunday, December 28, 2014

Shadows of Missing Persons

a photo taken recently at Cherry's sim on the Franco Grid

Sometimes artist leave.

But that doesn't mean they are no longer artists.

A new video from Cherry Manga, "Only Love Matters" (a raw cut) let's us know that.

Blogger won't let me insert that video for whatever reason but I can give you the URL.

Cherry has moved over to Opensim, at least in part because of costs. Some folks are sure she will be back as she doesn't have "an audience" there. From the many posts I have seen on this just released video, I think those commentaries may be a tad short sited.

Art is art.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Calm Those Nerves

A new yoga area JUST appeared in the gym.

Stressed?  Calm those nerves and do a little filming.  Bring a friend or two and have a class!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Warmth

New in SNOW, a seating area with interactive firepit for marshmallow toasting. Single and couples animations abound, with up to four folks at the pit.

Find this outside the new snow covered cabin (unfinished walls with lots of filming possibilities).

Stay warm!

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tutsy Regains His Crown!

Just announced as I type this from the auditorium:

THE WINNER OF MACHINIMUWA VII: TRANSCENDING BORDERS..... on a remarkable NO DOUBT ABOUT IT 120 points, placing in the top 10 of every single one of the 25 on the judging panel, with EIGHT 1st place votes, FOUR 2nd place votes, FOUR 3rd place votes, ONE 4th place vote and FIVE 5th place votes is:

Tutsy Navarathna.

I picked the top two and am very happy with the winner's list.

Vivi of course (she says knowingly) won second and shared with Erhthro Asimov.  

So close this year. A good one for machinima!

Why Do We Film?

Actually the bigger question is "why do we make art"?  Whether paper, canvas, clay, film or even prims it is often because we have something to say.

I can remember when I was learning to paint; my ideas were way beyond my skill level. Eventually with time and patience my abilities caught up with my visions and I could translate my epiphanies onto paper.  Many years ago I went digital, giving up pigments for bits and bytes. The process is much the same and the raw materials use far less.

It is about half an hour before the UWA awards ceremony. I left myself at the auditorium through the night thinking that if I didn't wake up I could at least capture chat. Lots of course happens in the night when you leave yourself on -- I remember that from the camping days of my youth. So several messages and a ton of new releases were in inbox and inventory as I yawned and blinked my way back to the keys.

We are here to give some gold stars to folks who took the time to impart their ideas, to print them on indelible digital film for posterity. There is skill involved of course. Smooth cams and beautiful Windlight settings help impart the stories.

Still, without something to say ......

Thursday, December 11, 2014

UWA Transcending Borders 6AM Sunday

Now I am not sure that "I" will be up well before dawn to make this winter finale and awards presentatino, but for many of you it will be a better hour -- so get there.

Watch some films, congratulate the winners and perhaps win your own prize if you entered a film or sent in a "winners" list.

Go a bit early; dress down (that doesn't mean bare but leaving mesh body parts and primmy hair at home would be a good thing). I have special no script outfits which I use for these occasions. You can be fashionable (OK not everyone CARES even) and still be easy on the server.

All the info on the UWA awards presentation is here.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Holiday Cheer

The holidays are in full swing now.

This timely (but not just Christmas) package wrapping station makes a great backdrop.  Located in the colorful craft house down by the water, it is open 24 hours for your festive filming.

With a bit of yard sale shopping, there is now an intricate and detailed desk in the Steampunk surround. Getting all the details without all the prims has been a challenge, but we're getting there.

Also new, some additions to the home garage. Find the brick two story industrial building up in the full sim city; it is across from the bar.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Presents at MOSP

Heads up my little groupies -- it's present time.

I hadn't PLANNED this you understand. I was not slaving away for a month making you new holiday items (like when would I have the time?).

But, I came across a very nice gift giver script set up, had some pretty boxes already set out and thought, "why not?". 

I went though my inventory and found some holiday goodies plus a few other things. A few are past hunt gifts, some are older store goods and some I actually still sell. Don't get terribly excited, nothing is state of the art. But still, fun. There are no bad gifts, but I had to mark one "naughty" for the script to work. So I chose something black which seemed appropriate.

I made this a group activity, mostly because I wanted to thank you all for actually joining the group. It isn't like much goes on -- so I consider it a "supportive" declaration and it is appreciated.

There are twelve different gifts and you can come by once a day and give the present boxes a try. Just touch with your tag on. The boxes will be there until the first of the year.

And be sure and grab some holiday hot chocolate; very cute and festive.