Monday, March 30, 2015

Beachside Bar

I think I'll just stay here forever. Well maybe not.   

HERE of course is down by the beach.  It is still Autumn here and may remain so as the colors are lovely. But even if you need a shot with surf and sand in mind, there are closeups!  

These topical drink givers will add some props to your shoot. Venture into the water, the raft, the life buoy -- lots of choices.

Come film!

Friday, March 27, 2015

In the News - Techie Stuff

2010 seems a LONG time ago!      Hovering in pose from  Diesel Works

I hate posts without photos and I am still on "enforced vacation" until tomorrow. Yes, it WAS hard but yes I DID take most of a week off.  My house is much cleaner, I did lots of sleeping and some gardening and even a time out with a friend at the French PASTRY shop (yum).

*  I am anxious to return though and I do have some plans including a remake (well let's call it a whole overhaul as I am much smarter now) of my Windlight and Shadows tutorial. That was one of my very first videos and the current version is REALLY bad. What is worse is that there is still a lot of traffic to it (ouch!).   So updated with more info and SO much better voiceover.

*  OTHER important news on the horizon is that The Lab has apparently fixed "hover" on the official viewer. Since the Firestorm crew was reportedly instrumental in regard to improvements I suspect the advancement will appear in the next FS release. (No official info on that; just a hunch.)  This will be a big plus to both machinimatographers and photographers.

*  Also in the news, there is a move to remove "restore to last position" at the server level in Second Life. If you use it often, and want the option to remain in third party viewers, you can add your input onto this thread.

*  My last bit of info to impart is that I am working on a series of video building tutorials that a few of you might be interested in.   These are basic prim building. I have Blender tutorials also and they all can be accessed from the GRAND TUTORIAL LIST.  Even if you don't plan on being a content creator, it is always nice to be able to make some sets of your own.

Monday, March 23, 2015

A Romantic Spring

Spring is on the way for those of us in the northern hemisphere.  And there are few places that speak more of Spring than the Cherry Blossom Romance area at MOSP LEA7.   

This extremely cute, romantic, nostalgic, European bicycle planter adds a special touch to the garden area. Great for shots with kids or lovers.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Slow Revelations

I enjoy a mystery. Not the who killed Miss Plum in the library with the hatchet kind, but stories that keep us wondering.

Why is this happening? Who started this trail of events? That unknown element keeps me watching -- often intently.

We don't have a lot of time to tell our stories in the few minutes that comprise our pixelated tales, but we can still follow the intent of some highly regarded films. "Momento" and "Sliding Doors" come to mind.

In the machinima world, the best example I can think of if Hypatia Picken's Cloud.

For me, there is something about having secrets revealed slowly that leads to the enjoyment.

Perhaps a thought for your next film.

It is for mine.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Filming Spot

Need a realistic outdoors with vista to film in?  How about LISIPARK.

The owner, Blitz Rage, sent me a message inviting you. Filming OK is also in the land tab. There is a very real feel here and the diner is much fun. So stop on by and explore. Who knows what ideas might be sparked.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Underwater Wonders

If you haven't visited the underwater grotto at MOSP, you might want to take a peek. A new jellyfish has found a home and makes a very pretty photoshoot. I also tweeked the ground terrains some and there is more sand -- at least as much as there can be at the moment :D.   So venture on over. Both snorkel and mer outfits are acceptable attire *wink*.

Monday, March 2, 2015


As avatars we each have a backstory.

As typists we each have a backstory.

And as characters in film, we each have a backstory.

Long ago in my infamous movie group days backstories were a hot topic. What motivates your character? What is their history? Childhood, bosses, family, lovers and friends all play a part in the drama behind the drama of your characters.

In machinima we often don't have time to let that unspoken history shine through -- a few minutes isn't really enough to peel the layers of our protagonists. That doesn't mean we should forget that part of the process.

Let's take an example. Your lead character's partner dies. Typically they would be in a sad state, but what other layers are beyond that emotion? Does it remind them that their father died early in her life, leaving them unexpectedly just like their partner? Is some part of them relieved as they know the beatings will stop? Are they worried about supporting the children?  Each idea behind the character alters the emotion.

Some of use make stories where our characters interact; some make narratives where the poem or prose invites the viewer into our world.  Some let the pictures and the layers within the pictures tell it all.

Whatever your method, try thinking a bit more about the emotions of your characters. I am betting a new layer will be inserted in your film.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

New in the City

A bit of newness in the city includes this scrumptious bed. Can't you just feel the softness of the comforter?  What makes this bed special is that while it is all rumpled in its off state, hop on and the covers move completely off and the decor pillows disappear. So -- you could have one scene with folks talking and the next with them in an embrace or whatever with the SAME bed. The continuity gal would be thrilled.

Find it upstairs in the new new Pied a Terre brownstone. There house boasts a full ceiling skylight with city view. Oh the possibilities!

I am officially out of prims again as I always keep 500 for you guys to rez. So changes will likely be slow in the future until something so superb comes up and I just HAVE to redecorate *wink*. 

Get your storyboard together and COME FILM!