Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Keepsake Photos

New decor items have been added to the retro house up in the Full Sim City. Perfect for unwrapping present, trimming the tree or any other activities you want to preserve in film.

Find them here.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Always Changing

The treehouse has been retired at ground level in order to recoup some prims and make the view for LEA6 a bit better. Since filming in that direction has often been problematic anyway because of the ever-changing builds, this should work better.

Meanwhile there is always newness arriving. Most these days are up in the full sim city build. So if you haven't journeyed up there of late, do a bit of exploring. Who knows what you might find?

Goodbye Flickr

OK. Happily it seems that the issues of the morning were either an error :D OR there was so much negative feedback that things are back to normal. I can now get into my account and you can now add photos to the MOSP pool. Be sure of course that they were taken at MOSP.

No cheating now *wink*.

Because of the new Yahoo Terms of Service which need to be accepted before logging into Flickr, I will no longer be maintaining the MOSP photo group.

Actually I can't even log in to post that it is closed *wink*, so I am letting you know here and I will delete the inworld info that leads to Flickr.  If you are a Flickr user, be sure and read the TOS prose. And no, I am not happy about this. Sorry.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Post 100

I was definitely surprised when I began this post to find it would be number 100 on this blog. Wow!

MOSP is nearing it's16th month birthday. Much has changed since the early days -- quality being one of them.

New additions pop up here and there at MOSP, mostly decor items as the sim is getting pretty full even with the smart use of mesh.

Many of the new arrivals are up in the full sim city or in SNOW. Holiday themed items add seasonal touches and some will be left year round. You never know when you may need a decorated wintry area for your shots.

Remember derender will "erase" anything you DON'T want to see :D. 

One bright new addition is this tipsy table and colorful art set.

You can find them in the equally colorful beach cottage down by the water at the ground level.

I saw when I hit that publish button that the SCREEN thinks this is post 97 while the interface lists it at 100. AAAH, there were three drafts LURKING in the background.

But if you count the PAGES, it is well over 100. I can live with that.

I wish you all a great season. I'll keep you updated now and then, never fear.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

AIRS Round Six Aps are Open

For those of you that might need some space for a project you are thinking about, Round Six of the Aritsts in Residence program is now accepting applications. You have to the end of the month to complete the proposal form.

Here is the link:

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Check Those Group Notices

A group gift just went out. I know that the notices sometimes go astray, so if you missed it, check the archives. And have a great holiday season.

Yes, there are additions at MOSP and I will be highlighting more soon. Meanwhile here is a photo of a great new igloo in SNOW.

There are some stellar animations for both inside and outside as well as animations for couples. Find it over in the camping area. Well natch!