Friday, March 28, 2014

Sheep Ranching

A very quick post to show off some new denizens of Peaceful Valley. These guys (one is animated) replace the former sheep. Now I loved those sheep and they starred in one of my first films long ago.  They had a history as I won them on a long wait at a lucky board :D. But they are old tech and these guys are new. I also put 24 prims back into the coffers; all good.  Find them here.

There are other additions including a brand new jigsaw puzzle set in the retro house in the full sim city. Other big changes on the way soon. I'll keep ya updated.

Friday, March 21, 2014

This Week's Additions

Now I am sure I will miss some things, but here are some highlights of newness at LEA7. While it is still pretty empty, there is now a steampunk area with surround backdrop. There is a cute new house will minimal furnishings as well as an observation platform held up by hot air balloons. I will add more as I find things!

Sound Stage 2 was the benificiary of some new releases this week.

Details can tell there own story so I am always happy to add small items that help set the scene.

Look for newness in the basement set as well as further down the line  in the vintage reporter's office.

Here some very detailed books mix with a chess set and some great Windlight. I was so inspired by this photo I got FRAPS a workin' and took some shots.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Spring in Peaceful Valley

It's Spring cleaning time in Peaceful Valley.  Some old builds have been retired; new ones take their place. Less land impact and more for your filming pleasure.

A new fork lift filled with Spring gardening props is now in place by the raspberry patch.

A new gazebo is in evidence. Plenty of meshy goodness and lots of great details for close ups. As a bonus there is now more continuity in style for any long distance shots that are needed.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

What's New for March

Tons of new additions have been added since I last updated (bad girl; busy girl).  Let's look at the full sim city where many new items ended up.

This is an outdoor beer garden which you can find along the more industrial side of the perimeter.

Just added this morning, a really lovely building now sits next to the brownstone shops, giving a longer view for street shots.

It is empty at the moment but I am sure it will find furnishings as time goes on.

The patio in the brick house next to the gym - what I think of as my home away from home (my building pad is actually where I am most often) now hosts a lovely outdoor set, great for romantic chats.

The bathroom in that same house has lots and lots of new accessories giving it a more lived in feel. So check that out sometime.

The bayou shack has some new additions including this clothesline. SO VERY HAPPY to have that. Wanted one for a long while.

Especially for machinima folks where "Action!" is the key word, there is a new prop giving prop (meaning you get one of your own!) garage broom  -- at least that's what they call them where i live.

The broom giver offers a choice of sizes so it is likely things will fit.

Other items are appearing hither and yon so be on the lookout.

We are getting close to that nasty prim limit again so I will be rethinking what can stay and what should go. If you have any favorite places you DON'T want to see disappear, let me know. The golden dungeon and surrounding caves are safe already by request. The sound stages are of course staying as is everything on the main hud.

Some new arrivals may replace older builds and save some land impact points. We want all we can pack into the sim!