Saturday, December 1, 2018

What's New December

Lots and lots of newness this month including some winter and holiday scenes.


It is getting festive in Terradale. Come visit the dock area and chat with friends. A fun backdrop for photos and filming.

The tree lot is back -- this time in the city. A great place for fun photo shoots.  Notice the clear skies?  If you are using the Firestorm (or other third party viewers) simply click on the city backdrop wall and derender (be sure not to blacklist also) to have the walls disappear temporarily.  Night will return when you relog.

Also in the city, some holiday props have been added to one of the apartments. Perfect for seated poses and filming.

The last of the winterizing -- for now anyway; I have set up the snowy surround (empty) for anyone that needs to rez a home or other large props.  Find it here.

Also ----

 Seamstress Shop

A new seamstress shop has opened on the edge of the residential district in Terradale.  Details abound.

midnight fishing

Not far away you can find a new fishing area on the Terradale docks.

Nature in the Fall. Turkeys can now be seen along the edges of the woods at Off the Grid.

Friday, November 2, 2018

What's New - November

Almost a whole year at LEA6. Amazing!

There has been a fair amount of literary interest for MOSP this month as well as some very pretty Flickr posts.  One in-depth blog article includes both information and photos.

It's nice to see MOSP being used and explored.

October was a little projects month with a collection of new things added and some refurbishing.  Fall themed and spooky season items mix into the ever-changing landscape with many additions down at ground level.

A cute new book hut let's the folks in Terradale relax and keep up on their reading.  The stool includes poses for photos and filming.

Fall cookies and warm beverages are now available at the information center. Yum!

what next FLF

Up in the Grunge City, there is a new Red Ale dispenser near the Foosball table.  It gives out beverage with plenty of special effects that can be filmed. Fun.

Give Me Ale

The tunnel in the city has been revamped with new textures and a shadow entrance.

Come explore and see what other touches have appeared since your last visit.

Monday, October 1, 2018

What's New - October

Two new pose props have been added to the city level; fun for photographers, fashionistas and of course machinima creators.

The row of dressing rooms now includes seating with some fun "waiting" poses. And there are plenty of choices for the gals (and guys) who just can't get enough fashion.

Find it here.

Across the street at the Photography shop, you can pose and shoot, choosing from a variety of poses for both model and photographer.

And arborist has visited the city and there are some gorgeous new trees adding to the ambiance.  These have exceptional LODs and can be filmed at a long distance.


Nothing says Fall like pumpkins and ripening sunflowers. They make a gorgeous backdrop for filming and photographs.

The most photogenic grouping is down at ground level here.

Monday, September 3, 2018

What's New - September

click for larger view

It's getting homey at the Road To Nowhere.  A women's work was never done -- that's for sure.

It's laundry day on the grassy plains.   A fun place to film or shoot, so come on by.

Other new decor items are scattered hither and yon and some new pose props will soon arrive up in the shopping center of the city level.

Come explore!

Monday, August 6, 2018

What's New August

urban studio

From last month's country scene to the city!

click for larger photo

A new shopping center is coming into being in the back lot area. Offices, shops, eateries and the like can be found over by the tunnel entrance to Terradale. Still in part a work in progress, there are many fun photo and filming areas and plenty to explore. Here is your taxi.

The city is growing in that urban sprawl kind of way with four new modern row houses in a complex. Some interiors are complete, some a work in progress. Find them here.

While the building and much of the decor was made by your curator, other's work is part of the environment.

Remember that you can always check the maker of an item by right clicking and inspecting.

Monday, July 2, 2018

What's New - July

While a few other additions were made in June, the main project was in the Road To Nowhere area. It is now a rural road  -- perhaps on the edge of "somewhere"; perhaps not.

Lots of new shooting possibilities await you!  And yes, there are horses too.

Friday, June 1, 2018

What's New - June

click to enlarge

The big news this month is the opening of a full sim sized installation with a fantasy desert theme. Sanoria first debuted at Fantasy Faire. It has now been moved and enhanced -- and of course the designer buildings have been removed.  The story quest remains. Find information at the landing point. And while you are exploring and finding the messages of the ancient, keep your eye out for a gift.

The second bit of excitement comes in a new video that let's you see some of the many locations at MOSP.

Find the video here:


Newness in Terradale (ground level) includes the beginnings of a bakery in one of the village shops.

Horses have appeared here and there in the countryside.

Also in progress, a different kind of desert themed instalation. So exotic!

And for you city folks, there is an impressive new drinks maker and giver in the brownstone kitchen.  Just one of many new details scattered among the levels.

Explore and find your favorite spots!

Friday, May 4, 2018

What's New - May

Many many new additions can be found as you wander the various levels of the Machinima Open Studio Project.  Here are a few spots you might want to visit:

New Country Victorian in Terradale

rustic country Victorian @ MOSP

* * * *

Off the Grid Environmentally Friendly Home

solar home @ MOSP

En Plein Air

en plein air @MOSP

Friday, April 6, 2018

Favorites Return

Four of the most used area in the original MOSPs have been returned in individual bubbles for easy (and uncluttered) skies. These are primarily for close shots and photography as they are 64 meter or less areas.

Find their photos and click on the portals at the MOSP Orientation building.

And the winners are:

Road to Nowhere

Standing Stones


Grunge City

Monday, March 26, 2018

Old Barn - New Barn

early morning at the barn

The five year old barn has been retired. It had a very good run. Hard to believe it was that long ago. 

In its place, a very similar version but with faster loading mesh and longer LODs AND baked textures. Very photogenic.

Looking good down in Terradale.

Psst - there is also a new country Victorian house not too far from the water.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

New Areas Open


Two new full but "in progress" areas are now open to the public. While not nearly complete, there are open skies and buildings to explore.  Above is "Off the Grid" where power is self generated or done without.

The second full sim offers quiet and contemplative spaces in a serene locale -- or a backdrop for some rock climbing; take your pick.

An updated version of Deep Blue Fantasy is back, just in time for Fantasy Faire blogging and vlogging and perhaps a machinima featuring flights of imagination. This is a 64 meter blue sky pod installation.

Another pod aptly named "A Country Summer's Day" features flowers, gardening, picnics and a flowing stream.

Find the gateways at the main MOSP backstage lot info building.

Go forth and film!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Games People Play

Need a spot for some back in time gaming, Alexander's Public House at MOSP is the place to be with this new super spiffy chess set. Seating of course as we want you to be comfortable while you ponder your next move.

Friday, March 2, 2018

Now in the Destination Guide - Woot

MOSP Orientation LM now in the Destination Guide

Happily MOSP is now in the destination guide. I can't say I am thrilled with the photo they used (not mine) so "pretend" (pretty please) that this is what you are seeing.

Better yet, come explore and take your own photos!

Monday, February 12, 2018

Off The Grid

The new Off The Grid level can now boast one building -- along with some downed telephone lines (very photogenic).

Soon there will be other alternative living areas amid friendly mother rocks. 

You can visit here:

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Talk Show and News Stage

click to enlarge

After a few long days of 3D modeling there is now a camera with poses (including three "couples" poses) in the NEWS sound stage.

I need more CLUTTER, but it is looking good. If you want to start your own slice of SL life channel, this is a good place!

Monday, January 22, 2018

Photography Department

Not only are there many locations for filming, there is a Photography Department building set amid the Sound Stages. A photo studio with backgrounds and green screen is also available there as well as pose balls so that YOU can be the photographer!

Have fun.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

MOSP Officially Reopens This Weekend

The Machinima Open Studio Project reopens this weekend on LEA6. The all new build offers full sim level environments for ease of shooting and continuity. There is flow. There are surprises -- and plenty of details. Builds have been optimized for LOD2 to ease the drain on computer systems and let those with mid-level machines still turn on shadows or depth of field when needed.

The ground level features an enhanced version of Terradale (created for the recent A Steamy Mystery at Terradale). Obvious steampunk references have disappeared and many new buildings have been added. Structures are clustered for better filming and photography and "clutter" has been added to private areas for a more realistic feel.

The night city is a full back lot build with individual sound stages dressed for a variety of productions. A public classroom and meeting room is also available for use. A new mesh subway, high rise apartments with art areas below, construction site, brownstones, storage units, data center and photography stage make up the remainder of the area. And of course there is a food court.   MOSP is always under construction and clever observers will spot places artfully dressed for more to come in phase two.

The Machinima Open Studio Project grounds are open to all -- filmmakers, students, photographers and explorers. Both personal and commercial filming and photography is allowed and encouraged. The sim is rated moderate. Try the custom made Windlight for an atmospheric effect, but of course use what works best for your artistic endeavors.

While the infrastructure and many of the furnishings and props have been made by the curator, Chic Aeon; the work of other content creators is also featured. Artist buildings are noted with name plaques; gacha collections with buildings have markers. If in doubt, right click and inspect to note who to thank for bringing this sim to life.

A photo gallery will be coming soon, but you can see a few teaser shots on the Places Page.

Sunday, January 7, 2018


Steamy Lab

One of the new areas in the MOSP version of Terradale is this small laboratory next to the visitor center information booth at ground level. 

MOSP is always a work in progress and I am sure more items will come along to fill out the laboratory. Meanwhile, pull up a chair and takes some shots.