Sunday, September 27, 2015

Cafe Society - Come Create

Cafe Society is open!  It was fun deciding what to include. I tried to make many areas to spur your creative ideas.

From the notecard which you can pick up from the poster at the entrance.
Cafe Society runs Fall Session 1: September 26 – November 8 at the Art Farm Coop LEA28

Read more about this term here:

Make a film
Tell a Story
Produce a Play

The set is made and already folks have added their touches. You can add yours too.

30 minute rez  or join VB Friends group for a longer time. If your set is specific to your film (genre etc.) it will probably be best to delete your props when you are finished. 

For filming of course remember DERENDER so that you can film what you want and not what you don't :D.

When you have completed your film made partly or wholly at Cafe Society, upload to SL Artist and send the link to Chic Aeon (IMs or notecards are both fine). I will then add your film to the screens at the entry area.  Note that if you typically upload to YouTube or Vimeo, you can just "suggest a film" at SL Artist, no need to upload again. 

Films need to be MODERATE in nature.

If you want to give a performance, pick a date, make a poster and add it to the wall near this poster OR send the texture to Chic Aeon. 

There will be periodic discussions (in text so that non-English folks can translate) and they will be announced in the VB friends group and also on the MOSP blog -

That's it. Go forth. Have fun.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Milestones and the Future

Like many of us, I measure my life in relation to milestones. School, marriage, jobs, homes are often the indicators when I look back. I celebrate 4000 posts on my fashion and design blog soon; reflections of the distant pass have been the norm lately.

It has been almost two months since MOSP LEA disappeared from the scene. I do miss it. At the same time it is very obvious to me that my choice was a good one for me -- and perhaps for some of you too.

I have ventured out more, become involved with new people, groups and activities -- seen more of Second Life than I have in many years. There is something about comfort; it can loll us into complacency -- at least it can for me.

At the same time, some recent adventures reminded me why I started MOSP in the first place. Putting down a set for filming (another director's shoot; I was just a minor player) I found -- much to my surprise -- that scripts had been turned off in many of the sandboxes, rules had changed in others and the whole grid seemed to be without voice the day of our taping.

As filmmakers will, we did a little fast footwork, moved over to my can't-get-there-unless-I-want-you-to building pad and continued onward. Two participants with major computer issues, we did well. Gold stars for perseverance and trust in the gods (well, on my part anyway).

So --- pluses and minuses for the disappearance of our always there - always places to rez and film sim.


A busy gal as usual, I have been blogging, getting my ducks in a row retailer wise on several grids and even taking a little time for exploration.  Since I was one of those folks mentioned earlier with a computer on death's doorway -- I am treading gently while my new faster than a speeding bullet desktop arrives at the end of the month. So far, so good and finger crossed much of the time.

And that brings me to NEWS.

Actually I have to smile because AFTER I sent in this proposal (and took it back :D) I committed more or less to being a first adopter on a new platform (not Sansar). So that busy girl got a little busier -- but hey, there is no TV until October anyway.

Cafe Society

You can read about the project here.  

A new filming area with echos of the full sim city but with some new additions and definitely smaller, you will be welcome to film there AND show your film when completed. Your masterpiece doesn't need to be completely filmed on the Society Set in order to commandeer one of the media on a prim boards and share it with the world -- a couple of scenes will do.

When I was in the throws of creativity, writing the proposal a month or so ago I was remembering a play that I went to long, long ago with a girlfriend. I remember the theater. I remember the set. Do I remember the play?  Not a bit. I guess I was always a set designer at heart.

The FUN part about the event was that the audience sat WITHIN the stage and the play went on around them. So if you are a live performer, that would be a fun premise to contemplate.  Everyone is welcome.

The set will be about a quarter of a sim and present itself as an old world - any time any place locale. I have an idea for MY short film. We'll see how that works out.

I see that somewhere in my enthusiasm I scheduled meet and greets and conversations. If you ever wanted to corner me on a bar stool and chat about movie making -- here's your chance. I will be showing up *wink* and if no one else does, that's OK. I always have inventory that needs straightening.

There will be loose topics but no lecturing. My ideas are just that -- MY ideas. I certainly don't have the answers for everyone. If some of you are filming -- especially on the Society Set -- and want input on your "dailies" we can do that too.

So that's the news and the future so far as I know it. There will be another announcement toward the end of the month if all goes well. In the meantime, I look forward to seeing some of you over at LEA28 for Fall Session.