Thursday, March 28, 2013

Newness as March Ends

Lots of additions to MOSP, large to small with each adding ambiance. Here's the rundown of some highlights and a few photos along the way.

There's a great new outdoor shower courtesy of Cheeky Pea. Wonderful animations are included for singles and couples. Find it outside of the Newport Beach House at Beach Walk.

Remember to keep your swimsuits on boys and girls!

Many new decor items were added to the white garden gazebo in Peaceful Valley  and a lovely sculpture to the Gallery entrance.

A new very impressive classical statue has been added to the rose garden in SAGE.

Filling the last quadrant in SOIL, some vintage Steampunk. Wonderful interiors to film and impressive detailing even though this is an old build.

Fly on up to the observation platform if you dare and see the varied landscape.

I will probably add some chairs up there soon so you can relax in the clouds while you work on processing.

Happily there are now screens in the machinima building. Thanks to LaPiscean Liberty they sport a beautiful and sleek interface.

While there aren't too many films connected at the moment, it is great to see how this will work. There will be three screens in all with huds that let you peruse in the genres -- UWA, LEA and MOMAC.   And if you don't know what those stand for -- well some SL machinima homework might be on your list.

Soon you will be able to pick up your personal huds and watch the new releases in the comfort of your cozy home or office. 

Other additions include new furniture in the Newport Beach house, updating the Classes and Gallery parts of the kiosk so they now give notecards -- and most likely other things I have forgotten.

I had planned to post this on Monday, but it is getting long -- so "Publish" key, I am hitting you now.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Additions

The official opening day was fun with some familiar faces returning to see what was new. Along those NEW lines I added many more props and landscaping to the medieval area in SOIL and I have my eye on a great addition so some shopping will be on my list very soon.

This cot with reading animation, some crates and explorer gear completes the tent at the oasis in SAND -- for the moment anyway.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Official Opening Saturday

The New MOSP opens officially on Saturday. Sometime in the mid morning rez will be available so come prepared to take some photos and add them to the Flickr group. You never know, they may be chosen for the Gallery.

Landmarks are stocked as I type this and a new HUD is available.

Over TWELVE new outdoor environments have been added to MOSP; returning favorites have been updated. 

Pick up a group gift photo frame with picture change and shadow (partial mesh). Add your own photos and click to remember your adventures at MOSP.

I will be around and about; just give a shout (not literally - and IM will do) if you have any questions.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day Four LEA7

The SNOW area is complete. Four locations, two with interiors. Each area measures 64 x 64 meters and way up in the air the skies are clear (usually :D).

This is one of the all new areas at MOSP LEA7. 

See all the locations by clicking on the SNOW page up in the header tabs.

Upcoming areas include SAND, SOIL and SAGE (grass). 

Day Three LEA7

Day three saw the return of the High Corp Offices. Aside from some new stools for the anchor desk, the build remains in its original style. The classroom was stocked with comfy chairs; inspirational quotes added to the walls.

I had planned to add the subway set to LEA7, but the database fairy had other plans. While the props were in evidence as well as the surround walls, main build and the sim long tunnel were nowhere to be found. On the plus side, some items from long, long ago returned in my top layer inventory. So, for now we will be cityless except for the corporate headquarters.

As I type this I see green dots on the map. Yeah!  And I can also see that folks are coming to the blog to check in on the progress. I will do my best to keep you apprised. Now back to work. The day is young and I have sets to design. 

Monday, March 18, 2013

Day Two LEA7

Day Two saw the completion of the ground level with another new addition, a garden greenhouse set for tea.

The database fairy saw fit to return some missing items. Some things from a very long time ago ended up in my top level directory. It was fun to revisit older items and the new pond now has a relaxing dock.

I was very happy to see my rose garden show up! The new garden room in the background is a cheery place.

Some of the LEA20 builds are in residence of course. The Bayou Shack is one of my favorites. I lived in it for six month out on -- appropriately -- the bayou.

The schoolhouse has been retired as well as the Victorian cottage.

Sound Stage One and Two are open in their new and impressive quarters, see the updated "Sound Stages" page for links.

The classroom is also complete and ready for eager students. Photos and info on the classroom page.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Day One LEA7

Today was an adventure, my first experience with the terrain "editor". After some trial and error (the only hint the official wiki gave me was to experiment) I did get a good looking landscape. Now sand isn't on the shore where it should be, but hey -- not all shore is sandy.  The newest addition to MOSP is this great three story tree house from Trompe Loeil. Lovely details it will be fun to decorate; that's on my agenda for tomorrow. Some second looks (those wayward prims do show up) and more landscaping along with some new additions to older builds now in place will make up the rest of my todo list.

Lots of new trees and bushes enhance the summer landscape.They are delicate and give a softer look to Peaceful Valley.

Making mountains -- even virtual ones -- is hard work. Happily it is coming together nicely; enough familiar builds to have continuity -- enough newness to add a bit of excitement.

I only lost one coalesced item in the move, so far anyway. Not too bad. It may show up somewhere or it may be gone but making room for the new is often the best plan.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Making Way

The former LEA7 build came down today -- filmed appropriately as it became star in its own demolition show. It is often sad to say goodbye to old friends, but time meanders onward; we cannot stop change.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Info Area

I've been busy. New info area is complete. Low and sleek it will not mar the filming landscape. 

The classroom echoes the lines of the galleries with a bridge leading to the entrance of learning. Trees will be added to the faux-hilled landscape. Signage and classroom seating are in the plan as well.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The New MOSP - First Steps

It is good to keep busy, so while waiting for LEA7 to be ready I did a little building and was pleased with my results.

This is the module for the machinima galleries and classroom areas. My aim was "small college in Southern California" -- I think I have it. Seasonal flowers will be added and a few Mediterranean palms. There are four galleries in an open plan. The classrooms (at least at my current plan) will be within walking distance and the same style. Information kiosks at the landing point and gallery info will be added when the buildings are in place.

The build is PrimMesh (smile) with the walls and floors and ceiling being prims. The very cool pillars (the ones at the doorways include lighting) are mesh. While prims are not an issue at the moment, this weighs in at 15 land impact and I am very pleased. 

Looking forward to moving in, moving over and adding newness.  It's been a good day.