Wednesday, May 1, 2019

What's New May

There is plenty of newness at MOSP this Spring. Here are a few highlights from ground level. You may find other new areas on your own -- and that's OK too.

A "timeless" kitchen has appeared in the newest Victorian in Terradale. Plenty of decor pieces  add to the authenticity.   See it here.

The newest Terradale Victorian is getting also getting some homey stylings for your photography and filming pleasures (adjoins kitchen).

Plants and table courtesy of Lucas Lameth.

Another homey area was added upstairs in one of the Victorians. Many creators are represented here including PAN, {what next}, Digs, hate this and TerraShop.
Find it here.

Sometimes the details tell the story.  A great new whiskey prop offers some  great opportunities for cutaway shots.  Find the new bar addition here.