Saturday, August 17, 2013

Family Reunion

July and August are big months for family reunions in the US. The relatives, they are a comin' -- to the park in SAGE that is. There are now two trailers in evidence along with picnic table (lots of animations), grill and plenty of eats. You can watch a movie when the sun hides for the day.

The trailer is roomy enough for easy filming.

Drawers open and the bottom bed comes with a variety of sleep animations.

The new merry-go-round has been moved to the Full Sim City park. Lots going on there and there will be more news with photos soon.

The high desert cabin in SNOW has a bit of a retro face lift with some new furnishings.

The magazine rack will let you change the magazines to fit your theme and that might just come in handy.

That's the news for the day.

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