Saturday, August 3, 2013

Spying on SAGE

Even I can't keep up with all the newness at MOSP (LEA7), but here's a teaser look at what's been happening in the area called SAGE; it's a green thing.

Additions include a stunning new pond with water wheel and spray (quite realistic) and a PG cuddle blanket complete with picnic basket and champagne. It works just fine if you are a solo person *wink*.

There are many, many new items in the park with an outdoor movie theater; the projector is hooked to an old car battery -- very clever.

Turn your Windlight to night, get your "grip" to turn on their facelight for lighting and you could have a spectacular scene. The lounger has both single and couple animations.

The only movie playing is the MOSP trailer but you have my permission to include my scenes within your scenes should that be part of the storyline.

A tiny travel trailer now sits atop the gently rolling (and walkable) hills of the park.

The camp stools include lots of eating animations and deliver both food and utensils to your inventory.

I haven't really explored the inside area (tight shots only as it IS small) but there may be some activities built in there too.

This is a cutie and makes a lovely additional bit of scenery if you are using the picnic table -- not far away -- as your main focus.

Click any small photo for a larger version.

Last but not least is a merry-go-round with a big selection of fun animations. There are sizes for kids as well as us big folks.

Other bits of excitement include some rowboats on the coast, a pig and a donkey in Peaceful Valley and the first material textures in the sound stages (that set is currently unfinished).

So come on by and bring your camera.

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