Wednesday, August 7, 2013

It's All in the Details

It is easy to show off the new builds at MOSP (LEA7), but the always occurring additions need a little press time now and then. They are often overlooked, and really they help make the locations as real as they can be. So here are just a few of the recently added details.

FARM ANIMALS - We now have a pig and a donkey and soon a calf. They don't move, but they definitely add a bit of ambiance to long distance shots.

There are rowboats along the water at ground-level's Beach Walk.

Rustic and picturesque against the sky, they offer many filming opportunities.

Click for larger photos.

Even food service has an upgrade at Sound Stage 1.

The detailing on this crock pot is phenomenal.

There is a new big build almost completed. The adding of materials (not a fast project as I adjusted many textures for a more realistic look) is all that is left.

So stay tuned for more news. Think country, Wild West, Antique -- OK. That's enough hints.

Come film!  MOSP>>

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