Sunday, August 4, 2013

Getting Greasy

I spent the afternoon making improvements to the City of Lost Souls -- particularly the storage area.  I had a grand time and those of you with Y chromosomes will likely be happy. Actually you don't need one to enjoy the smell of the gasoline and the gritty realism.

Some gorgeous new props with intricate details are the stars.

I rounded out with other goodness from one of the same designers. It is stunning -- if you can use that adjective accurately when describing the location and its purpose.

Drop by and take a quick tour. It is a fairly small area but packed full of photo ops and a few surprises.

My scanty outfit is because this photo shoot is doing double duty with my fashion and design blog. I left the dirt on for authenticity :D. 
And really -- what guy on break wouldn't be happy to find a scantily clad gal waiting for him with a beer and a cigarette.

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