Friday, August 30, 2013

Color Me Smiling

Need a smile in your life? This super cute hippie car is just the ticket. Find it at Beach Walk not far from the bright blue house. There is also a new boardwalk that leads to a peaceful dock where you can stare out into the endless ocean.  You can't drive this cutie, but you can pose prettily in the side seat or the back. And if you are a clever filmer you can use a pose ball and position it OVER the driver's seat. I have done that a time or two when it was called for.

There have been lots of changes in the Coastal Cottage and surroundings. Now my graphic is a bit misleading as I didn't actually remodel the house, what I did was redecorate. But you get the idea.

It is a very bright and colorful place these days. Orange and blue (complementary colors in the artist sense you know) predominate.

This will be a great place to get a dose of "sunshine" during the dreary gray months.

A new craft and art area is packed full of details. An artist table and painting are on the opposite wall along with quilting goodies. This homeowner like her creativity!

There is a teenager's room in the mix now. Posters and magazines abound and retro is in evidence.

The bed and chair are filled with many poses. Beware though, I resized the bed down as it was way too big for the room. So you will need to ADJUST any poses you choose as you will be floating in the air.

And that's the news from Beachwalk.

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