Friday, August 23, 2013

What's Happening in the City?

I've been working up in the full sim city this last week. There is now a diner on the corner of the strip mall (well, it's a pretty tiny strip mall, but pretend). It is a bit too neat at the moment for my realism tastes but I am sure other items will arrive in the future.

Decor includes retro cafe stools and a spectacular jukebox along with some UFO memorabilia.

This is supposed to represent a New Mexico diner. The decade? Well things don't change much in New Mexico so anything after the mid last century will work *wink*.

There is a small kitchen in a nook and a chalk menu board. All you need is your apron and you are set.

If you wander around up there you will find another new build. I have a plan. It will all be revealed in time :D.

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