Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mid April at MOSP

Lots of goodness arrived at MOSP this last week. The machinima theater is now fully open with three screens; LEA, MoMac and UWA. You can pick up personal versions of the HUD from a sign at the theater. Attach to your screen or rez in world and make your own viewing system.

The huds are impressive with an easy to use interface as well as information about each film. Both new and archived films are in the listings so you can keep up to date or journey back to when machinima was in its SL infancy.

We have LaPiscean Liberty to thank for these great additions to SL machinima.

You'll find a new and very impressive Cape Cod style lighthouse down at Beach Walk.

Imagine the possibilities.

Now the lighthouse is off sim, mostly because I am stingy with MOSP land mass. I like the feel of real dirt underfoot when at all possible.

You can ALMOST reach the lighthouse, and from there -- if you so choose -- just hop on the bench and film.  Happily there is no intrusive bright light to interfere with your Windlight setting, only a subtle periodic glow. The water area around this new addition is animated and DOES come into the sim proper.

With plenty of new decor touches worked in -- seamlessly I hope -- to the buildings and outdoor areas, the star of this week is the new massage table with an extensive list of PG animations and automatic rezzing modesty towel. There are plenty of props not visible in this shot, so stop by the tree house at Peaceful Valley and think of how you can add this addition into your script.

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