Saturday, August 24, 2019

Road To Nowhere

It has been a busy August for me -- and that works out well as mid summer is a time when I need a project in SL.   Much of LEA6 is backed up and most no copy items have been retrieved  as we enter into MOSP's last week of existence. There have been plenty of memories packed up along with the buildings and decor that has been MOSP 3.0.

Times change though and while part of me fights against the inevitability of a non-static environment, another part know that movement is not only necessary but "good".    A week into August I began working on a new sim.  It is called Road to Nowhere after one of my favorite areas of MOSP.    The original Road To Nowhere was a sim-sized open farmland, the last -- a 64 meter bubble with a ranch scene. The sign was always an integral part.

The current Road to Nowhere build has mixed with the country and industrial buildings of Terradale now --- all on its own sim with no neighbors and a glorious 360 degree view.  I can't tell you how nice it is to have all that vista!   I think it looks even better than before, so come visit when you have the chance.

Always of course machinima and photography friendly.

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